I've been working on a few things to make my life easier as I continue to work on DEIFY. This seems vague, but more news is coming. Thanks for keeping up with this site in the meantime!

With the apparently-inevitable downhill slide of every large social media site I try (with algorithms absolutely dunking on independent creators), I'm starting to try and get my act together in making sure my work is kept safe in my personal archives and also posted neatly on my public site. Getting used to manually handling all the posting and framing and coding is an ongoing experiment, but even if it's clunky, it's been fun so far and I hope it continues to be that way!

I'm considering starting a mailing list for people who may be interested in my work.

This would mean a once-a-month email sent out to everyone on the mailing list, including a reminder to check out my latest comic update, whatever new art projects I've been working on, and any other relevant news.

I'm still working out the way I want to do this, but when I'm ready, I'll begin collecting email addresses - and I'll make that as easy as I can. Thanks for your interest!

Coming Soon?

to-do list:

  • update layout of main site
  • finish setting up DEIFY
    • archive
    • about
    • characters
    • text cycler (thank you, kaolin!)
    • figure out update schedule 1st of each month!
    • finish logo
  • overhaul gallery, replace awkward selector with thumbnails instead
  • logo for main site
  • figure out a work-from-home schedule
  • put up a schedule page here!

this is the latest video i felt like sharing. it changes whenever i decide to change it. it was video of the day but laziness is next to godliness

01/09/2019 "why doesn't DEIFY have a logo yet?"
10/08/2019 ART ADVICE